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Big Data Visualization: Trifacta Offers a Simple Solution

What is big data visualization?

Big data visualization is a common technique used to convert and communicate complex, abstract and large data volumes into visual representations of the data. Charts, graphs and plots are just some of the ways a business user can view the data. By viewing data in these visual forms any non-technical user can get a deeper understanding of the data before the analysis begins.

Big data visualization communicates large and complex data into visual representations of the data

The challenge business users face with big data visualization

Businesses and organizations in the modern world have to transform large volumes of data in all shapes and sizes in order to gain valuable insights and to help inform critical business decisions. Preparing data for big data visualization can be a daunting and time consuming task. Many refer to the process of data preparation as janitorial work and in some cases data preparation can take up to 80% of the time allocated for data analysis. In most cases, the business user has to rely on valuable IT resources and allow for potentially long lead times to get access to data for analysis. Trifacta can help reduce the need for IT resources to prepare your data. Trifacta helps by putting the big data visualization process in the hands of the business user who needs the data most.

Trifacta’s solution for helping with big data visualization

Trifacta offers the self-service data preparation tool you need for comprehensive and efficient big data visualization. Trifacta Wrangler is our unique, user-friendly big data visualization technology that is the missing link between IT teams and business users. This big data visualization tool allows you to discover, clean and transform data in ways you never thought were possible. Many companies and organizations use Trifacta’s self-service data preparation solution to:

  • Reduce the time business users spend on wrangling complicated data so you can quickly get to the analysis process
  • Improve their approach to big data preparation by putting the data prep process in the hands of the user
  • Clean and structure their data for use in Tableau and Hadoop or a number of other business analytics tools
  • Transform raw, messy and unstructured data into a structured output for analysis

Trifacta has been instrumental in helping organizations like LinkedIn get huge quantities of media and usage data in the hands of analysts faster and more efficiently.

To learn more about Trifacta’s solution for big data visualization, download the white paper Why Data Wrangling is Key to Unlocking Your Big Data Potential.

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