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Big Data Hadoop: Put Big Data Preparation in the Hands of the User

What is Big Data Hadoop?

Big data Hadoop delivers data-driven information for your business or organization. Big data, Hadoop and data wrangling from Trifacta solves the user gap and puts data in the hands of the user.

Today the words “big data” and “Hadoop” are appearing more and more synonymously. And why is that? Hadoop, is an open source framework used for data storage and data processing. Hadoop has afforded businesses and organizations major new gains in flexibility and cost savings. Big data stored in Hadoop can land in its native environments, allowing organizations to better connect the dots between structured and unstructured data formats.

What does Big Data, Hadoop mean for the Business?

In recent years, many leading organizations have begun adopting Hadoop. Big data stored in Hadoop is rarely accessible by those who need it most: the business users. When a data analyst’s work revolves around Excel, business intelligence tools and business insights, “big data Hadoop” typically isn’t in their vocabulary therefore the data is not available to them.

This is a huge problem within organizations, since it’s difficult for the business to tap into the benefits that big data Hadoop affords: scalability across the organization and the ability to leverage new, unstructured data sources. And for IT organizations placing a big bet on big data, Hadoop, and the future of their data-driven organization, this continues to be a huge problem.

Data Wrangling with Trifacta

Big data, Hadoop, and data wrangling are the perfect combination to solve the user gap. With data wrangling tools like Trifacta, the non-technical user is empowered to explore and prepare diverse data sources, big data Hadoop can now be part of their repertoire.

Trifacta offers a user-friendly interface that breaks down the barrier between the business and IT so that big data, Hadoop, and new data-driven initiatives are accessible to the business user. Trifacta Wrangler is a completely new self service approach to preparing big data. Trifacta Wrangler allows the business user to discover, explore, cleanse and enhance data for critical business analysis without having to rely on the technical resources usually needed for big data preparation.

To learn more about how Trifacta can help make data preparation easier, download our white paper Why Data Wrangling is Key to Unlocking Your Big Data Potential.

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