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Trust Trifacta for Big Data and Hadoop Analysis

Challenges with big data and Hadoop

Businesses and organizations today need to transform and prepare data of all shapes and sizes to obtain valuable business insights. Many of these businesses are implementing big data platforms like Hadoop. Unfortunately many businesses that have implemented big data platforms aren’t achieving the desired results set out for these initiatives. One of the major misconceptions about working with big data is that to be successful you need to invest in a potentially expensive technology infrastructure. These infrastructures require retooling and technical support, which has historically been an IT responsibility. A significant challenge facing organizations working with big data is data preparation and getting data ready for analysis. The data preparation process has long been considered “janitorial work” and can take up to 80% of the time allocated for analysis. Trifacta provides a self-service data preparation solution for big data and Hadoop.  

Trifacta offers a solution for working with big data and Hadoop

Trifacta Wrangler provides your business the tools needed to prepare raw and complex big data at scale in Hadoop. Then customers can deliver the output seamlessly to Salesforce Analytics Cloud for broader downstream analysis.

Trifacta helps by making the process of preparing big data and Hadoop easier by providing:

  • Advanced visual data profiling capabilities that guide users through a deep understanding of the characteristics of any dataset.
  • Native support for more complex data formats such as JSON, Avro, ORC and Parquet.
  • Multi-workload processing features of Hadoop to scale data transformation processing seamlessly from small to big data through native use of Spark and MapReduce.

To learn more about big data and Hadoop for data wrangling and unlock your big data management potential with big data and Hadoop, today. Download our white paper Why Data Wrangling is Key to Unlocking Your Big Data Potential.

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