Data Transformation and Analytics in the Cloud

Quickly profile, transform, and pipeline your data for analytics and machine learning.

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Visually Explore and Profile Data

Automatically detect and highlight data quality issues; instantly check your datasets for accuracy, completeness, and validity, in the cloud or on-premises.


Accelerate Data Preparation

Cut your data preparation time by up to 90% using an interactive, visual interface and transform your data backed by machine learning to deliver the right insights.


Build and Deploy Data Pipelines in Seconds

Avoid manual, repetitive data engineering processes and build robust, automated data pipelines at scale in your environment.


“Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta allows us to quickly view and understand new datasets, and its flexibility supports our data transformation needs. The GUI is nicely designed, so the learning curve is minimal. Our initial data preparation work is now completed in minutes, not hours or days.”


Transform Your Data Towards Better Analytics.

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