Senior Software Engineer

Engineering | San Francisco, CA | Full time

Job Description

Trifacta, a world-class startup from San Francisco, is looking for a talented and dedicated Sr. Software Engineer to join our team in San Francisco. You will work as part of a team that builds end-to-end functionality, turning ideas into polished, production-ready features and contributing across all of our codebase. Above all, your work will impact how the world works with data.

- 3+ years developing backend Java and  microservices
- 2+ years experience with one of Hadoop, AWS, Azure or GCP

- Experience developing for Spark
- Experience developing a SaaS product
- Experience with Kubernetes
- Expertise with C++ and/or developing database engines
- Exposure to Kafka

About Trifacta
Trifacta, the pioneer in data transformation, significantly enhances the value of an enterprise’s Big Data by enabling users to easily transform raw, complex data into clean and structured inputs for analysis. Leveraging decades of innovative work in human-computer interaction, scalable data management, and machine learning, Trifacta’s unique Predictive Interaction technology creates a bidirectional partnership between user and machine, with each component learning from the other and becoming smarter through use. Trifacta is backed by venture capital firms Accel, Greylock and Ignition Partners and is headquartered in San Francisco.
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