Software Engineering Intern

Engineering | Berlin, Berlin | Intern

Job Description

Trifacta, a world-class startup from San Francisco, is looking for talented and dedicated interns to join our team in Germany. You will work as part of a team that builds end-to-end functionality, turning ideas into polished, production-ready features and contributing across all of our codebase. Above all, your work will impact how the world works with data.

We are currently considering software engineer interns for frontend, full stack and quality engineering.
What we are looking for
  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science (or equivalent) in progress (at least 4th semester)
  • Experience with JavaScript and web application development
  • Experience with software engineering tools such as version control
  • English language fluency, excellent communication skills
  • Excellent teamplayer

Bonus Points
  • Previous internship experience at a technology company
  • Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, Spark, etc.)
  • Experience with C++, Java and/or Python

Your responsibilities
  • Write elegant and efficient code across our codebase that powers our application
  • At the frontend, collaborate with our designers and implement their novel solutions to data transformation problems
  • At the backend, write code that compiles and executes users' recipes against a variety of storage systems and execution layers
  • In between, build the platform that facilitates data collaboration among users, and apply machine learning techniques that fuel our predictive interaction
  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional team in our office in Berlin, Germany

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