Resident Expert and Architect

Customer Success | New York, NY | Contract

Job Description

Trifacta Resident Expert and Architect (TREA)

Trifacta is looking for a Resident Expert and Architect in Customer Success to be assigned at single client and responsible for managing all technical aspects of our company’s relationship with your customer. You will work closely with the sales and business account management team to win new business and increase sales to existing customers.  By providing top-quality technical service before and after a sale, TREA helps to ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships.

A TREA demonstrates our core value “Start with the User”, with key responsibilities to engage customers post-sale, build customer satisfaction and retention, and help customers as they maximize value from their Trifacta Wrangler investment. In this role you will have a significant opportunity to craft the customer journey, identify opportunities and be the voice of your customers. You will be responsible to onboard your customers and develop and manage account success plans, and focus on ensuring client health. 

About Trifacta:

Trifacta, the pioneer in data transformation, significantly enhances the value of an enterprise’s Big Data by enabling users to easily transform raw, complex data into clean and structured inputs for analysis. Leveraging decades of innovative work in human-computer interaction, scalable data management, and machine learning, Trifacta’s unique Predictive Interaction technology creates a bidirectional partnership between user and machine, with each component learning from the other and becoming smarter through use. Trifacta is backed by venture capital firms Accel, Greylock and Ignition Partners and is headquartered in San Francisco. Its founders and technical advisors include global leaders in data science, interaction design, and big data.


Who you are:

You are a consultant to some of the largest customers in the world at the executive level and advise them on the setup, roll out and value of their strategic data initiatives in BI Modernization.   You have demonstrated success managing their different stages of the customer lifecycle, handling customer escalations, and a strategic thinker who is capable of blending technology and business strategy to develop customer success plans. You possess technical breadth and depth in Solutioning, Architecture and Design experience (pre/post-Sales) for large enterprise Data and Analytics platforms and have experience applying them to enterprise account plans. You have technical experience with Big Data, ETL/ELT Architecture with deep understanding of Databases, Data Warehouse and Data Modeling which allows you to communicate fluently about the product and understand customer needs.


• Develop and own the Success Plan for deployment at your strategic customer
• Design and build of prototype or proof of concept recipes in Trifacta
• Collaboration on design, build, or deployment of Center of Excellence (“CoE”)
• Design, build, and deployment of Trifacta use cases and processes, and core training programs
• Documentation & presentation of best practices
• Tracking, usage, health, and reference of use cases for the Licensed Software
• Tracking of Support tickets, Support Requests, and general health of the Licensed Software
• Whiteboard Data and Cloud Architectures with customer in an environment including Data Catalogues, Machine Learning, AI tools and data science workbench. 
• Be the Voice of the Customer - identifying and quantifying the key factors for Customer success and then communicating them effectively to drive the product roadmap and develop a plan to meet said criteria based on regularly cadenced communications with your Customer (QBRs, Executive Meetings, etc.)
• Work with clients to establish critical goals, or other key performance indicators and aid the customer in achieving their goals.
• Work to identify and/or develop upsell opportunities.
• Own overall relationship with assigned clients, which include: Increasing adoption, ensuring retention, and satisfaction.
• Be a product evangelist and proficient with Trifacta Wrangler!  It’s hard to be the trusted advisor if you can’t use the product.    

Desired Skills and Qualifications

• College degree with 15+ years experience as a CSM, Technical Account Manager, professional services, pre-sales, technical architect or delivery manager or a Masters with 8+ years experiences.
• Understanding of the value of strategic data, current market trends and industry players, and deep understanding of Data Management Technologies and Architectures in regards to Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Analytics, Data Catalogues, and other emerging.
• Experience in the relevant products in the market such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, AWS, Azure, Google Platform, Tableau, SaS, Data Science Workbench, and Data Catalogues.
• Proven ability to drive continuous value of our product(s).
• Acquired technical breadth and depth in Solutioning, Architecture and Design experience (pre/post-Sales)for large enterprise Data and Analytics platform.
• Ability to identify opportunities for growth (via upsells and cross-sells) of our Customers
• Excellent verbal, written communications and presentation skills
• Significant and recent technical experience with Big Data, ETL/ELT Architecture 
• Technology practitioner in Solutioning, Architecture and Design experience (pre/post-Sales) for large enterprise Data and Analytics platform.
• Experience to develop a plan to increase the penetration at your Premier and Strategic Customers that provides for increased executive visibility
• Experience working with a technical Customer base and understand corporate IT projects and processes.
• A highly quantitative approach to understanding, measuring, and forecasting Customer behavior and revenue
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