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Senior Technical Writer

Product Management | Bangalore, India

Job Description



Trifacta was founded in the year 2012 to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: ready to process Data. Chief Strategy Officer Joe Hellerstein, Chief Experience Officer Jeffrey Heer and Chief Technical Officer Sean Kandel have a 20-year track record of joint research and development. They first teamed up when Joe was researching data-centric systems at UC Berkeley, while Jeffrey and Sean were developing new tools for data transformation and discovery at Stanford. This work resulted in Data Wrangler, a breakthrough tool for data transformation and discovery, which launched in 2011. A year later, the threesome founded Trifacta to commercialize what had begun as an academic research project.  



Trifacta is the industry pioneer and established leader of the global market for data preparation technology. Our products draw on decades of research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management and machine learning to make the process of refining data faster and more intuitive. Today, more than 50,000 Data Wranglers across 12,000 companies use our solutions. And every independent and analyst ranking has named Trifacta the number one data preparation solution worldwide, but we know that many more companies can benefit from using Trifacta to either continue to grow their business or to weather the economic storm caused by COVID-19. Finding amazing talent is consistently one of the biggest challenges companies point to for successfully growing their business. 



Trifacta, the pioneer in data transformation, significantly enhances the value of an enterprise’s data by enabling users to easily transform raw, complex data into clean and structured inputs for analysis. Leveraging decades of innovative work in human-computer interaction, scalable data management, and machine learning, Trifacta’s unique Predictive Interaction technology creates a bidirectional partnership between user and machine, with each component learning from the other and becoming smarter through use. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop, and multiply the efforts of our Development team. 


We are looking for a full-stack technical writer who is capable of documenting features of the user interface down to REST API and SQL capabilities of the platform. This role has the opportunity to shape our future content direction on multiple fronts, particularly in how we build out platform extensibility and communicate our value to data engineering and other technical audiences. This role reports to the Senior Documentation Manager based out of San Francisco.



  • Develop content in our single-source authoring solution for at least one new feature and see it published.
  • Get certified on how to use the Trifacta application and receive your badge for your online profile/resume. 
  • Begin exploring content and software capability to bring fresh ideas for ways to improve and streamline content and processes.
  • Develop understanding of internal systems and repositories of product and feature information. 
  • Meet with keys stakeholders in Engg and PM to understand current activities and roadmap. 
  • Review documentation roadmap to identify areas where you can make planning and design contributions.


  • Take ownership of the features you document through signoff and staging for publication.
  • For APIs, review existing workflow doc and begin building improvements to documented examples.
  • Explore platform extensibility features with an eye toward building out entirely new docsets to satisfy SQL and SDK users.
  • Begin leveraging your personal experience to shape improvements to our internal and external content.
  • Provide feedback into how to onboard new technical writers.
  • Refine your understanding of the differences between our multiple offerings and how to best deliver content for each of them. 
  • Assist in planning and building repository of common content federated across our content portals.
  • Provide inputs on user experience of


  • Manage the process of documenting features from start to publication.
  • Maintain and enhance SDK documentation with documented examples and more.
  • Expand existing technical content to reduce onboarding frictions for technical audiences.
  • For the interested candidate, participate in onboarding subsequent hires.
  • Develop a personal development plan for future areas of learning and responsibility within the company and your career.
  • Help design and implement plans for broadening the reach of our platform. 



Required Skills:

  • Five or more years of technical writing experience in enterprise software, ideally in one of the data management domains (e.g. integration, transformation, or BI/analytics)
  • Demonstrated ability to write clean and clear technical content for complex software products for technical audiences. 
  • Writing samples of conceptual, task, and/or reference documentation are required as part of the interview process. 
  • Prior experience working at a growth stage software company, preferably on a SaaS platform such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Organize and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced Agile environment.
  • Confluence experience is required.
  • Collaborate with internal teams, such as Development, Engineering, QA, and Product Management across geographies.
  • Ability to follow in-house standards for content development, including single-source authoring techniques.
  • Explore and learn software features in development.  
  • Flexibility working across different offices & geographically distributed teams and time zones
  • Self-driven; you can keep things moving forward on your own
  • Degree or certificate in Technical Writing, English, or equivalent area. Technical degrees are fine, too.
  • Comfort with remote supervision. Role is 100% remote at present, but in the future, role would be based in Bengaluru. Potential to remain 100% remote.
  • Team player with a can-do, positive attitude, and customer-focused attitude

Desired Skills:

  • Some familiarity with REST APIs and how they work; documentation experience in this area is a plus.
  • Some experience working with markup directly is desired: HTML, CSS, Markdown.
  • The ideal candidate can do a bit of programming (bash/CLI, Python, NodeJS) and can produce simple coding examples where needed.
  • Experience with any Content Management Systems.


About Trifacta 

Our team strives to set a new bar for SAAS based products with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We have recently raised our Series-E funding of $100 million.Our product is highly differentiated and has a very strong unique value proposition. Our product is OEMed by Google for a first class service on GCP ( as well as IBM for Watson Platform (their AI and Data platform).


We operate with a trust-based culture with strong independence and autonomy to teams. We don't operate under artificial deadlines and give freedom to every engineer to do engineering in the right way. We operate as a single team and display great teamwork. We believe in creating the impact through our work. We offer a learning environment with exposure to a broad range of engineering problem statements and a collaborative setup to solve them well. See - for some more details.


Trifacta is an equal opportunity employer. At Trifacta, we are committed to cultivating a culture of authenticity, inclusion and connectedness. Our diverse voices and backgrounds enrich the Trifacta community with experience, insights, knowledge, innovation and the collective ability to achieve excellence.  We respect and value the unique contributions of each individual, creating a safe space for self-expression across ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity, national origin, age, language, education, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, opinions, cultures and beliefs.  We know that embracing our differences has a multiplying effect and brings out the best of humanity.  


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