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Engineering Manager

Core Development | Bangalore, India

Job Description



Trifacta was founded in the year 2012 to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: ready to process Data. Chief Strategy Officer Joe Hellerstein, Chief Experience Officer Jeffrey Heer and Chief Technical Officer Sean Kandel have a 20-year track record of joint research and development. They first teamed up when Joe was researching data-centric systems at UC Berkeley, while Jeffrey and Sean were developing new tools for data transformation and discovery at Stanford. This work resulted in Data Wrangler, a breakthrough tool for data transformation and discovery, which launched in 2011. A year later, the threesome founded Trifacta to commercialize what had begun as an academic research project.  


Trifacta is the industry pioneer and established leader of the global market for data preparation technology. Our products draw on decades of research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management and machine learning to make the process of refining data faster and more intuitive. Today, more than 50,000 Data Wranglers across 12,000 companies use our solutions. And every independent and analyst ranking has named Trifacta the number one data preparation solution worldwide, but we know that many more companies can benefit from using Trifacta to either continue to grow their business or to weather the economic storm caused by COVID-19. Finding amazing talent is consistently one of the biggest challenges companies point to for successfully growing their business. 

We are now seeking a talented and dedicated Engineering Manager to join our growing team in Bangalore. You will be responsible for a team that builds end-to-end functionality for products on the Trifacta platform, including data processing solutions, scalable backend services, and polished user interfaces. Above all, your work will impact how the world works with data. This role will require you to play on all levels — from engaging the team and working with the product team on high-level strategy, to rolling up your sleeves and working in the trenches; from coding, system design to approaching everything you and your team do from a data-driven angle. If wearing many hats is not only feasible but exciting to you, we’d love to chat!


This is a fantastic opportunity to develop, and multiply the efforts of our Engineering team to be the best in the industry. We’re looking for someone who is self-motivated, takes ownership, measure results and iterate quickly, deliver a huge impact on the product and the business, and raise the bar on how a high-performing team operates. This role reports to the Senior Director of Engineering & Site lead in Bangalore.


    • Undergo the hands on labs/ exercises for the product
    • Go over various resources for high level architecture/ design
    • Meet the peer team across Engineering and Product groups
    • Conduct 1:1s with your team to learn more about each person in the team
    • Understand the SDLC process we follow
    • Start getting deep into the core product services and pick up minor bug fixes or very small enhancements


  • You manage 1-2 different efforts and lead the team
  • You represent your team in engineering and release management meetings.
  • Work closely with team and play a techno-managerial role for them


  • You will deliver some key efforts from the roadmap
  • You are completely responsible for the execution of your team's projects.
  • You attract and retain software engineers for your team.
  • You will showcase independence, domain knowledge


  • You have 6 or more years of experience as a software engineer (or in a comparable role) taking projects from the initial concept to production.
  • You have strong experience as a fullstack or backend tech lead with deep knowledge of node.js and java based stacks and frameworks
  • You have strong technical system design experience for performant, scalable and reliable web backends
  • You have a bias towards action and a can-do attitude.
  • You have 1-2 years of experience managing a team of 3-5 engineers as a people manager or as a tech lead.
  • You have experience managing projects with multiple stakeholders (developers, product management, user experience design, quality assurance).
  • You are a communicative and collaborative manager with excellent people skills and English language fluency.
  • You have experience working with cross-site teams.

About Trifacta 

Our team strives to set a new bar for SAAS based products with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We have recently raised our Series-E funding of $100 million.Our product is highly differentiated and has a very strong unique value proposition. Our product is OEMed by google for a first class service on GCP ( as well as IBM for Watson Platform (their AI and Data platform).

We operate with a trust based culture with strong independence and autonomy to teams. We don't operate under artificial deadlines and give freedom to every engineer to do engineering in the right way. We operate as a single team and display great teamwork. We believe in creating the impact through our work. We offer a learning environment with exposure to a broad range of engineering problem statements and a collaborative setup to solve them well. See - for some more details.

Trifacta is an equal opportunity employer. At Trifacta, we are committed to cultivating a culture of authenticity, inclusion and connectedness. Our diverse voices and backgrounds enrich the Trifacta community with experience, insights, knowledge, innovation and the collective ability to achieve excellence.  We respect and value the unique contributions of each individual, creating a safe space for self-expression across ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity, national origin, age, language, education, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, opinions, cultures and beliefs.  We know that embracing our differences has a multiplying effect and brings out the best of humanity.  


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