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Our Values

These five principles inform Trifacta’s view of the world and the way we go about our work:

Start with the User

Customer value is our compass for hard decisions, the True North for everything we do. For us, everything starts with the people who know the data best, and the simplicity and power we bring to their work.

Iterate to Excellence

We achieve excellence through small, rapid experiments and real-world metrics. Lightweight iteration allows us to go fast and continually improve in the absence of perfect information. Iteration is our path to risk-taking, exploration and wonder.

Decide & Deliver

Important decisions are never easy—or deferrable. When faced with hard decisions, we efficiently make our call with the data available, rally around the outcome, and deliver what we promise.

Always be Learning

We believe the best ideas come from people who are curious enough to ask the next question. As innovators, we always have more to learn—from our customers, from research, from each other, and from the data at hand. Even our products share this commitment to learning.

Be a Multiplier

Great work has outsized impact—far beyond what it would deliver on its own. We multiply our own efforts through teamwork, mentorship and partnership. We multiply the work of our colleagues and customers via products and processes that transfer our superpowers into their hands.


Diversity & Inclusion at Trifacta

At Trifacta, we are committed to cultivating a culture of authenticity, inclusion and connectedness. Our diverse voices and backgrounds enrich the Trifacta community with experience, insights, knowledge, innovation and the collective ability to achieve excellence. We respect and value the unique contributions of each individual, creating a safe space for self-expression across ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity, national origin, age, language, education, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, opinions, cultures and beliefs. We know that embracing our differences has a multiplying effect and brings out the best of humanity.


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“At the end of the day it’s about the team. At Trifacta, everyone understands the task at hand and their role in getting us there. It’s great to work with a group of super-intelligent people on challenging problems that bring the best out of everyone.”

“As a veteran in data management technology, I was admiring Trifacta who was taking a revolutionary approach to data transformation for the business people. When I got the opportunity to join the company, the reality was even better than expected. This is a team of rock stars, but humble who are creating a superb technology that so many people have dreamed about.”

“Our world is becoming increasingly data driven. At Trifacta, I have the opportunity to work on the future of data wrangling in the company of many innovative, hard-working and fun co-workers.”


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