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Introducing the Data Engineering Cloud

Transform your data. Transform your business.

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The most advanced platform for modern data workers to assess quality, transform, and automate data pipelines

Ensure Data Quality

Poor data quality can sink any analytics project, damaging credibility and trust.

Trifacta lets you see and interact with your data, with AI guidance to explore, assess, and drive data quality. Outliers and errors are easy to identify and correct. Even better, you can automate data quality monitoring, so no bad data enters your analytics platforms.

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Visualize and Accelerate Data Transformation

Hand-coding transformations can work, but it’s slow, error-prone, and not scalable.

Unlike any other data engineering product, Trifacta provides intelligent, visual guidance powered by machine learning. Real-time previews of each transformation speed users through the process. Best of all, Trifacta seamlessly supports code when you need it, and no-code for users who don’t.

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Automate Your Data Pipelines

Manual, tedious data preparation processes don’t scale.

Trifacta helps you build, deploy, and manage automated data pipelines in minutes, not months.

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We’re different, because modern Data Engineering needs different

Open and Interoperable

Trifacta supports all clouds, universal connectivity, open APIs, and flexible execution, including SQL, dbt, Spark, and Python.

Visual and Intelligent

Trifacta is where Artificial Intelligence meets Human Intelligence in a visual, interactive approach for predictive transformations, adaptive data quality, and smart data pipelines.



Self-Service and Governance

Only Trifacta gives you low-code / no-code authoring, sharing and collaboration with unlimited scalability, built-in governance, and fine-grained access controls.


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We may be different, but we fit in


What Our Customers Say

“We see Trifacta as a key driver enabling multiple lines of business to significantly reduce the time and cost to refine raw data. This will also help us foster a collaborative, business-led data culture that accelerates the creation of new data products.”

“For us it’s important that it’s intuitive, so that we really have software that is easy to understand by business users, it’s improving the productivity of people within the bank, and we feel that with Trifacta they cover these areas very strongly.”

“Trifacta is an exciting addition to GSK’s R&D Data Centre of Excellence as a foundational piece of our data platform. With Trifacta, we’re granting broader data access to our team of clinical researchers and analysts for increased innovation in drug development, which is at the very core of GSK’s mission.”


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