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From Messy Files
To Automated Analytics

The fastest way to prep data and build data pipelines in the cloud

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Trifacta provides visual and intelligent guidance to accelerate data preparation so you can get to insights faster.

  • Data Quality
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Pipelines

Explore & Assess your Data

Poor data quality can sink any analytics project. Trifacta helps you understand your data so you can quickly and accurately clean it up.

Clean, Blend & Standardize your Data

All the power with none of the code. Trifacta provides visual and intelligent guidance so you can get to insights faster.

Automate your Data Processes

Manual, repetitive data prepartion processes don’t scale. Trifacta helps you build, deploy and manage self-service data pipelines in minutes not months.


Prep Data For:

  • Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Machine Learning and Data Science

Cloud Data Warehouse

Integrate data into your Cloud Data Warehouse more efficiently

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Reporting and Analytics

Improve the speed, quality and agility of your reporting and analytics projects


Machine Learning and Data Science

Remove the bottlenecks of feature engineering and data cleaning inhibiting the success of your data science initiatives



What Our Customers Say

“We see Trifacta as a key driver enabling multiple lines of business to significantly reduce the time and cost to refine raw data. This will also help us foster a collaborative, business-led data culture that accelerates the creation of new data products.”

“For us it’s important that it’s intuitive, so that we really have software that is easy to understand by business users, it’s improving the productivity of people within the bank, and we feel that with Trifacta they cover these areas very strongly.”

“Trifacta is an exciting addition to GSK’s R&D Data Centre of Excellence as a foundational piece of our data platform. With Trifacta, we’re granting broader data access to our team of clinical researchers and analysts for increased innovation in drug development, which is at the very core of GSK’s mission.”


Data School Episode 3

Predictive Interaction

Hey Siri, Can you Clean My Data?

What is AI’s role in the data preparation process? It doesn’t take much more than asking Siri to clean your data to realize that we can’t sit back and let AI take care of all of our data preparation needs. In session 3 of the Data School with Professor Joe Hellerstein, Joe takes a look at how human intelligence, and artificial intelligence, can work together to make data cleaning easy and intuitive.

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The Future of Data Wrangling in the Cloud

Moving From Waterfall to Agile

In the modern era of IoT, AI and cloud computing, architectures for data management have changed dramatically. Instead of recording millions of transactions, organizations are recording billions of interactions. Rather than solely inputting data to support formal business processes, companies are capturing signals that can inform business opportunities and unlock new sources of value for organizations

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Self-Service Data Preparation

The Goldilocks Solution to Integrating Messy Data

Easier than Excel. More Powerful than Code

Excel is too manual. Coding is too technical. There’s a “just right” way to connect to, understand, clean, blend, and output new or messy files into a workflow that feeds analytics products or platforms, and it’s no fairy tale. It’s self-service data preparation.

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