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What We Do

Our focus is to create radical productivity for people who work with data.

Wrangling data is the most time-consuming and inefficient part of any data project – taking up over 80% of the time and resources. Trifacta enables anyone to more efficiently explore and prepare the diverse data of today by utilizing machine learning to provide a breakthrough user experience, workflow and architecture.

Join together disparate data sources

Onboard external or 3rd-party information

Clean raw and messy data

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See how Trifacta makes data wrangling a fast, self-service process for anyone who works with data.
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Top Rankings from Analysts & Users

Thousands of Companies Wrangle with Trifacta

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“Our users can intuitively and collaboratively prepare the growing variety of data that makes up PepsiCo’s analytic initiatives.”



“We first met Trifacta through our Innovations Team on the ground in Silicon Valley, and were impressed from the outset with their ability to quickly derive value from diverse, unstructured data sets."



“There’s a function of Neustar where we have humans working with data to discover things and make judgements. In those cases where human intuition is critical to analysis, Trifacta is critical to us.”

Use Cases

Financial Compliance
Customer 360
Media & Communications

Today, regulators require financial institutions to provide more data at finer granularity and with absolute accuracy. At the same time, the frequency of changes being made to these regulations is dramatically increasing, forcing banks to constantly adjust their reporting processes. The agility to respond to these changing regulations is critical to adapting to the evolving landscape of financial risk and regulatory reporting. See how Trifacta is increasing the speed, agility and governance of the regulatory reporting practices of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Understanding customer behavior across every online and offline touch point is critical to maximizing upsell and cross-sell opportunities while reducing customer churn. In today’s accelerated business environment, organizations face increasing competition from new and existing competitors so providing personalized experiences is critical to winning customers and keeping them happy. Organizations that effectively leverage diverse customer data hold the key to succeeding and thriving in this new normal. See how Trifacta empowers analytics teams to spend less time manually massaging their data and more time delivering customer analysis and insights.

Data is at the heart of media and telecommunication businesses. To remain competitive in the modern digital era, data is critical to providing optimal content and service to customers while also understanding customer patterns across geographic and demographic dimensions. Diverse data analysis holds the key to reducing churn, detecting and avoiding fraud as well as personalizing service and product recommendations in the fast-moving media landscape. See how Trifacta enables leading media and telecom businesses to more effectively leverage raw, diverse data sources to drive bottom line growth and improved operational efficiency.

Trifacta Integrates into the Modern Data Ecosystem