Data Transformation Platform

Data Cleansing Tools

Trifacta’s Data Transformation Platform transforms Big Data – structured, unstructured, clean, dirty, dynamic, high-volume data – so it’s ready to analyze. It empowers business and data analysts alike, enabling direct, agile interaction with cleansing data.

With Trifacta’s unique Predictive Interaction™ data cleansing tools and data transformation approach, data analysts become 10x more productive with transforming data. That’s because they’re not spending 80% of their time integrating, cleansing data, and wrangling data before analytics can begin. And Predictive Interaction also gives business analysts direct access, for the first time, to Big Data in a manner that they can understand and work with.

Trifacta’s transforming data product has three interactive components:



Understanding that people are the key to the Data Transformation bottleneck, we developed a new Data Transformation Interactive technology that allows users to work with data cleansing at a high level. Rather than expect users to write code, our Predictive Interaction and data cleansing tools transform low-level programming tasks into high-level visual interaction in the following interactive loop:


  • Visualize: Intelligent visualization software presents the user with overviews and details of their data, including examples of raw content, and charts that are automatically derived from the data.
  • Interact: The user interacts directly with data and charts in the visual interface, highlighting values, structures or trends of interest.
  • Predict: The user is presented with a ranked list of the data transformation predicted by the algorithms, and can quickly browse visual previews of the outcome of each suggested data transformation to choose or adapt the best suggestion.

The result: an incredibly lightweight interaction for the user, grounded by concrete data transformation steps generated by software. And this partnership between users and machine improves over time, as more people and data in an organization work in this environment.