Sales & Marketing

User Experience Design

Adam Silberstein

Senior Software Engineer

I enjoy taking on the unique big data challenges that arise in different domains and for different users. At Trifacta we are solving one of the hardest of these problems: how to let our users work effectively on a huge amount of data while getting intimate with just a drop of it.

Adam Wilson


Adam has spent eighteen years in leadership roles focused on data integration and analytics. As GM of Informatica’s Information Lifecycle Management division, Adam grew revenues more than 400% in five years. Prior to that, as SVP of Product Management & Marketing for Informatica’s flagship data integration products, Adam was instrumental in helping the company expand beyond ETL and grow product revenues to more than $200M. Adam also co-founded and was COO of Zimba, a pioneer in mobile business intelligence.

Alex Rasmussen

Senior Software Engineer

In the “Big Data” space, you often get a sense that the problem being solved isn’t one that many people outside of Google or Facebook actually have. At Trifacta, we’re solving a real-world data problem that affects a ton of people. Being able to solve that problem with a group of smart people who you enjoy being around is icing on the cake.

Alexander Vaughn

UX Designer

There is a unique opportunity at Trifacta to craft empathetic user experiences solving complex workflows at scale.

Alon Bartur

Product Manager

I joined Trifacta to work with an unbelievably talented team solving a very real problem. It’s amazing to contribute to a product that creates so much value and, most importantly, that people love to use.

Chris Beavers

Software Engineer

In the age of big data, clean and sexy analysis is a thing of the past. I joined Trifacta to bring sexy back at scale.

Dan Niemann

VP of Worldwide Field Operations

My passion is scaling organizations to put impactful technology into the hands of those who can benefit from it. What we’re building at Trifacta has the potential to fundamentally change how data is leveraged across industries and I can’t wait to see how quickly we make that happen.

Eli Marschner

Software Engineer

Data’s like a trusty old motorcycle; pieced together from all over, gets you where you’re going, but sometimes breaks for mysterious reasons. As a self-identified data-person it’s a pleasure to make tools at Trifacta that keep data-people on the road, with a group of some of the awesomest data-people around.

Gopal Raghavan

Senior Principal Sales Engineer

I enjoy enabling our customers realize business value from their Big Data investments and gain a tangible competitive edge in their space.

Jeffrey Heer

Co-Founder & CXO

Integrating data and design is a grand challenge, requiring a finely-honed combination of interaction, visualization, language design and learning systems. But meeting that challenge should provide an experience so fluid, we start to take it for granted.

Jeremy Long

Technical Support Manager

As the Technical Support Manager, Jeremy offers first line response to all customer requests. He is always eager to lend a hand or jump in where needed. His favorite part of the job: working with our world-class customers and the creative people at Trifacta… oh, and the donuts!

Joe McKenney

Software Engineer

I joined Trifacta to be part of an ambitious and innovative team that solves complex big data problems. I believe that the beauty of Trifacta’s software lies in its ability to remain approachable and user-friendly to technical and non-technical users alike.

Jeremy Mailen

Senior Software Engineer

Working at Trifacta challenges me to play a part in bringing a very unique product to market in the rapidly changing world of Big Data.  It’s tremendously fun to learn something new every day from brilliant coworkers and dive into cutting edge technology. Our team is small enough and the mission new enough that every day counts and watching the evolution of the product is truly exciting.

Jesika Haria

Software Engineer

I dream of a world where big data feels small, where its metamorphosis to insight is magical, yet methodical. I then wake up – and with some of the most brilliant and caring people I’ve known, help create it. The cold brew helps.

Joe Hellerstein

Co-Founder & CSO

It’s a daily adrenaline rush working with people this good to realize the promise of a new technology. For me, that thrill is fuel for a more focused fire: building software that is ridiculously useful and remarkably satisfying. The data-centric side of computing is long overdue for that focus.

Lars Grammel

Senior Software Engineer

Making data visualization and analysis accessible to everybody is what drives me, and I love software engineering. At Trifacta, I am able to do both as part of an outstanding team.

Matthew Hui

Software Engineer

I like working for Trifacta because of the challenges required, having incredibly smart teammates, and the care we give to our product.

Mehdi Bouarek

Area VP

The process of data preparation or data transformation is time consuming and cumbersome. It prevents companies from being intuitive and innovative in the use of their data.  Trifacta brings innovation that greatly facilitates this process, which in the end, yields better analytics for an organization.  This is why I joined our company.


Michael Plotz

Senior Software Engineer

The thing that most excites me about Trifacta is working with a smart and capable team to build a tool that empowers people to dig into their data. It’s not just about seeing what’s there, it’s about developing a deep, intuitive understanding of the underlying processes that generate the data.

Mikito Takada

Software Engineer

I like the amount of computer science in the air.

Natalie Serrino

Software Engineer

At Trifacta, I work with really smart people to help make the “big data” revolution more accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Phil Vander Broek

User Experience Designer

Designing at Trifacta is a unique experience: we’re solving the difficult complexities of enterprise software and big data with a collaborative, design thinking approach. Deeply integrating design into the organization and the development process ultimately allows us to create a product that our users find both highly valuable and enjoyable – a rare combination in enterprise software.

Quoc Tran

Director of Sales Engineering

At Trifacta, I get the chance to work with a group of talented people that are focused on transforming how people work with big data. It has been great to be part of a growing team that is building an innovative solution for the enterprise. Plus, Trifacta is a fun place to work.

Sean Kandel

Co-Founder & CTO

I enjoy the opportunity to have lasting impact on the way people and organizations work with data, debating the quality of Glee seasons 4 and 5 with Adam, the hope of one day beating Sesh in ping pong, and Eric’s bad jokes.

Seshadri Mahalingam

Software Engineer

There’s nothing quite like tackling so many different pieces and their complex interactions all at once, with such an energized team. Plus there’s pictures of squirrels everywhere!

Tan Ho

Senior Build/Release Engineer

At the end of the day it’s about the team. At Trifacta, everyone understands the task at hand and their role in getting us there. It’s great to work with a group of super-intelligent people on challenging problems that bring the best out of everyone.

Tutti Taygerly

VP, User Experience

It’s pretty rare to work at a startup where design not only gets a seat at the table but is a co-driver with engineering and product for where the product should go. It’s a joy to come to work everyday and soak in that collaborative energy.

Tye Rattenbury

Data Scientist

Great tools close the gap between intent and action. I’m excited to be part of a team that understands “Big Data” intentions and actions, and uses that understanding to build a great experience linking the two.

Vihang Mehta

Software Engineer

It’s the small things that make you happy and Trifacta aims to take the big, scary looking thing that is data wrangling and hopes to make it a fun and exciting activity.

Vikram Shrowty

Senior Software Engineer

At Trifacta I’m solving interesting and hard problems with a group of really smart teammates and building an innovative product that itself solves a pressing enterprise-class data analysis problem. All this in a highly collaborative, open and fun environment. It’s a blast.

Wei Zheng

VP, Products

Data is changing the way we live, yet so few people seem to have the skills or knowledge to work with it effectively. I came to Trifacta with the hope of changing that. We are creating a product that’s simple, intutitive and delightful for people to work with, and so far I am having an absolute blast doing it with a world class team.

Will Davis

Product Marketing

It’s a unique opportunity to work with the immense talent that exists across every function at Trifacta to solve a problem affecting anyone who directly deals with data or leverages it as part of their work.

Zain Asgar

Senior Software Engineer

Working at Trifacta is giving me a rare opportunity to understand how a product is actually made and taken to market, not just the technical intricacies which I really enjoy, but the collaboration with product, design and sales is what makes it truly interesting and satisfying.