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Job Description

At Trifacta, we’re designing a product for a growing group of users that have a very real pain. Data preparation (cleaning and structuring data) is both a crucial and difficult activity for analysts, a process that traditionally requires a huge amount of time and effort. We believe that transforming data shouldn’t be a painful problem and that taking a user-centered approach to solving it will result in a simple, intuitive, and enjoyable product. This is a lofty goal in a space that is traditionally missing usable and functional products.

As product managers, we recognize the challenge of creating a full-featured enterprise solution that’s also intuitive and easy to use. We partner and work closely with our UX and engineering teams to build a modern data platform for a large variety of users and needs in a complex and incredibly dynamic context.

Our target users are tough ones: smart, skilled, incredibly task-driven data analysts with unique mental models. How can we support them in their shift from spreadsheets to the world of big data? How can we give users a tool that is both familiar yet innovative so they can take advantage of scalable modern data technologies?

As a PM intern you will be defining product requirements, validating prototype solutions, conducting competitive analysis, and analyzing product usage amongst a broad set of cross functional activities. You will be part of an incredibly talented and diverse team in which collaboration and mutual respect are key. Throughout the summer you’ll be closely paired with our senior product managers not only collaborating on projects, but also leading them. We hope that by the end of your internship you have made real tangible contributions to the product and acquire critical skills for your career development.

We’re excited for someone to join our team for the summer to tackle these challenges. If you find them exciting then you’re probably who we’re looking for!


  • Pair closely with our senior product managers to work on core product feature requirements. This is a great opportunity to learn from an experienced PM while having significant impact.
  • Work closely with our UX designers and user researcher to understand user needs, validate and gather product feedback.
  • Conduct competitive research by using and analyzing other similar product solutions, providing SWOT analysis to better inform product roadmap and go-to-market teams.
  • Our team deeply values collaboration. We hope you enjoy working with other PMs, Ux designers and Engineers in an friendly, open, and direct environment. We hope you’re confident, but willing to learn. We want to learn from you too.


  • Graduate degree with prior internship/work experience
  • Strong oral/written communication and analytical skills
  • We’re creating a data product, so an interest in data problems and the users that face them is essential
  • Collaborative, experience working in large group projects

Bonus Points

  • Experience using data analysis and visualization tools (e.g. Excel, Tableau, R, SAS, SQL, Pandas, Matlab, SPSS) as a class project or work task
  • Background in statistics and quantitative analysis
  • Technical, design or programming skills you can leverage in collaboration with our Ux and engineering teams
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