Trifacta Earns Top Ranking in End-User
Data Preparation Study

Trifacta has earned the highest ranking among 26 vendors in the Dresner Advisory Services first End-User Data Preparation Study, part of the Wisdom of Crowds® Market Studies series.

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Leverage Big Data Discovery to Simplify Analytics on Big Data

“Big data discovery will help expand the use of big data analytics because exploration of big
data sources will occur more often, much faster and at a lower cost per analysis, delivered by
a broader range of users with more rudimentary technical skills.”

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Transforming How People Work with Data

The promise of Big Data analysis is direct access to more data, in raw formats, directly from the source. This includes well structured data as well as data that's not yet fit for analysis. Trifacta enables analysts of all backgrounds, technical and non-technical, to access and transform raw data into actionable data. With a user experience designed to support agile data exploration, Trifacta combines machine learning with human input to speed data transformation.